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Recent vacancies for Engineers with Mechanical & Electrical specializations for an MNC in Kolkata.
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Services of The Greener Avenues

1. Admission & Career Counseling:

We at The Greener Avenues strongly believe that from college to the work arena every decision needs a job-shift must add value to one’s career. Our service to you is not just restricted to finding you the next job, but to find the job that best fits in with your long term career objectives. If you are undecided about what you should aspire for, you can benefit from our career counseling service to take your career to a new high, be it finding the right company or the right institutions to start your educational life with .We help you with the tiniest of your doubts be it career or your educational path we become the torch bearers for your future. Our career counseling sessions will help you avoid making that one crucial mistake which can ruin your entire career. Our career counseling sessions are designed to help you with choosing the right educational institution to give your career that right start and direction , career planning, the exact time for a job hop, get answers to your queries about career options, the right time for a shift, compensation, salary/CTC structure s, industry standards, emerging trends and upcoming industry patterns. We provide high quality professional service for evaluation of candidates of all profiles.
We design the evaluation methods to be applied based on the education, skill and experience profile of the candidates in consultation with our respective clients. Suitable and competent candidates are identified, tracked and continuously engaged to facilitate them with the right job opportunity.

2. Recruitment and Staffing:

At The Greener Avenues we understand your needs, your aspirations to reach great heights, attain the unachievable and conquer the unconquered territories. Let us be your partner in your endeavour to scale the zenith of success and reach the pinnacle of glory. Through our clients across boundaries we can introduce you to a variety of roles in various sectors to help you determine what field is most interesting to you. We can provide you with specialist training and personal development to help prepare you for new experience and explore opportunities we create for you. Welcome to the world of "The Greener Avenues". We have tie-ups with more than 70 Educational Institutions (Engineering and Management colleges) from all over Bhubaneswar and Kolkata. We also have the capacity to assist you in organising In/Off campuses with the Institutes as the hiring season is on.











3. Manpower & Recruitment:

We provide staffing solutions to various multinational companies through our placement and recruitment services. We have a huge database of candidates from various educational segments and verticals. Having the experience of working with some of the top multinational brands from all over the world, we ventured into this arena to slightly remodel the techniques of recruitment to make this world a better place for the companies and the candidates. We have tie-ups with more than 70 Educational Institutions (Engineering and Management colleges) from all over Bhubaneswar and Kolkata. We also have the capacity to assist you in organizing In/Off campuses with the Institutes at your convenience.
The Greener Avenues is a Manpower Recruitment firm in India. We help link your manpower development with your organization’s development to maximize performance and improve the overall performance. We recognize that each client comes with unique needs. Led by strategic account managers, we partner with clients to develop solutions that work seamlessly with their business.
The company has 2 years experience in the training and development industry. The company has a total strength of 10 employees including 3 Trainers and have tie ups with few training institutes to impart quality training to candidates.
The Greener Avenues is well regarded for the breadth of training programs it offers in the soft skills domain. Our focus is on business skills that help employees perform to their potential. Technical skills need to be enhanced in a way that allow an individual to present his ideas as well as recognize that he is part of a team and his team’s success will result in his success. Interpersonal skills that allow an individual to blossom is the area within which The Greener Avenues operates.
It is not only important to deal with the internal customer but also put one’s best with the external customer. After all, they are the reason an organization exists. It is with this mindset that The Greener Avenues has conducted numerous, highly creative customer service programs for front line personnel. The front line is the face of any organization and The Greener Avenues specializes in empowering this level. Our commitment to client satisfaction helps it strengthen and extend relationships.