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The Greener Avenues announces an upcoming Off-Campus in Kolkata & Bhubaneswar in the coming months, for more info watch out for this space.
The Greener Avenues invites candidates from various work backgrounds to register for free for a limited time period.
Job openings in MN-C's for fresh Engineering and Business school pass outs at Kolkata, Delhi and Bangalore Upload CV now.
Recent vacancies for Engineers with Mechanical & Electrical specializations for an MNC in Kolkata.
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Welcome to The Greener Avenues

Our goal at The Greener Avenues is to build long lasting relationships with talents offering them continuity through continuous placements, training and career developments. We have been matching talents with general skills to the needs of our clients in respective sectors through efficient and responsive recruitment process providing flexible tailor made solutions for both permanent and temporary staffing. We aim at helping our clients develop their long term staffing strategies and secure for them the employees best qualified to meet the unique challenges they face. We connect clients with the people they need, and people looking for the companies and brands they aspire to work for. The range of our activities is vast and is dictated by the local market situations and needs as we know that no two people are same nor two companies identical.

Whatever the need be or the problem we aim at finding a solution. It is not just enough to take the right decisions, it is extremely important to take them at the right time. You can rely on us to guide you to the best possible course of action.

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The Greener Avenues functional and behavioural assignments have covered variegated profiles of employees ranging from valets and front-line staff to Senior Management. The programmes are conducted in languages ranging from English, Hindi and other regional languages, depending on the need and client profile.

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We at The Greener Avenues strongly believe that from college to the work arena every decision needs a job-shift must add value to one’s career. Our service to you is not just restricted to finding you the next job, but to find the job that best fits in with your long term career objectives.